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Terms of Service

These Terms of Use are a legal instrument that governs your and our behavior regarding the usage of our website and services which are related to it.

These Terms of Use are a legal instrument that holds liable you and us, so relations between you and us will be governed by these Terms of Use only. If you express your consent to be legally bound by these Terms of Use, it means that you come to agreement with us. Therefore, we and you will have reciprocal legal rights and obligations.

You agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use by opening our website. Therefore, if you find the rules stated below inappropriate, please leave the site and do not place orders through it.

With the rules given below we have described different and the most important points you may face with while using our website. Please be sure to go through these Terms of Use carefully prior to proceeding usage of the website.

To make things more understandable we will refer to the as “website” and anyone who opens our website as “you”.

Terms of Use

Applicability and Consent

These Terms of Use are a special form of agreement. As stated above, you agree to come to this Agreement by opening the website.

You come to this agreement when you agree with the rules given in this document.

We may ask you to agree time and time again at our own discretion.

Your use of this website shall be forbidden as unlawful if you do not agree to come to agreement under this Terms of Use.

Please leave our website and don’t place any orders in case you disagree with the rules stated in these Terms of Use.

As follows, these Terms of Use can be applicable to you all along the use of this website.

Products and Services

Our main service is copywriting. By copywriting we mean the preparation of unique text materials subject to individual orders. This interpretation of the service determines the whole cooperation between you and us.

By text materials we understand digital writings of different sizes and on different topics.

We get these text materials from the writers we interact with. These writers are skilled and proficient professionals which belong to our team. Any relations with our writers are not governed by These Terms of Use.

We can ensure that the text materials prepared by our writers are fully unique and meet all your needs.

Therefore we shall be grateful if you specify all your particular needs when you submit an order.

You may submit an order with the help of the special order form, which you will find on our website.

Besides, you can use the website for free for information purposes only. Any other usage of our website is subject to separate agreement between you and us.

We can solve multiple choice tests and various problems for you. You may upload your test or your problem for us to solve.

Besides, we also take your own texts for editing or proofreading in order to check them for any spelling, grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors or plagiarized parts.

Order placement

You can feel free to make an order with us for preparation of unique text material for you. You can simply do it with the help of the order form, which you will find on our website.

You shall precisely fill out the order form with the correct and up-to-date information. We consider this information as the first input for us from you. As follows, these initial data are very significant.

You are definitely forbidden to fill out the order form with untrue, false or misleading information.

You shall give us the basic personal information when you fill out the order form. This personal information will be stored and kept subject to our privacy policy.

You may be notified by SMS or email about the most important steps to make for placing the order.

Your price will be automatically calculated right after the order is placed properly.

Payment and Price

Of course, you shall pay the given price for the services you order with us.

Bear in mind that the price paid for our services may be changed at our own discretion at any time. Please be attentive and check the latest price we specify on our Website prior to submitting your order.

Bear in mind that we may charge additional fee for optional services we provide such as “Preferred writer”, “VIP customer service”, “Abstract page”, “Plagiarism report” and others.

Our price list doesn't include VAT. It is charged in case your location is in EU. Nevertheless, we may also charge VAT even in the case you are beyond EU and if appropriate state authority will ask us to do so.

At our own discretion we may consider that your order can not be priced subject to the fee quotation specified on our website. In this case we will charge you to pay another price. In any case, you may cancel your order prior to making payment.

We will ask you to pay for our services previously, if we reasonably expect the order to be fulfilled.

Besides, You may save the money that you paid as credit. In this case, the money are kept on your personal account and you may use them for future orders or the current one.

Special pricing is applied to the multiple choice tests and other various problems. To make these types of orders you will need to fill out a special order form. Any question costs money to answer, and problem solving is generally more expensive.

You are free to choose the way you want to pay for your order using a number of payment options. For the time being we accept Visa cards, MasterCard cards, PayPal and Webmoney.

Order Fulfillment

Once the text material is prepared, you can see it on your personal account panel.

If the prepared text material is of an appropriate quality, you can approve it on your personal account. The prepared text material will be regarded as approved if you do not make any claims within 14 days in a row. Otherwise, your order will be automatically approved after 14 days pass.

You may be asked to take part in our survey related to the quality of the text materials we provide you with, work of the writer, and our Customer Support Representatives in order to see our work's quality. Generally, you can receive this type of invitation in 7 days after you approved your order.

If you order with us such services as text editing or proofreading, than the writer will not change more than 30% of the text.


We need to be convinced that our website along with text materials will not be used for any illegal purposes. As well, we assure you that our services fully comply with all the requirements applicable. For this we use the system of mutual warranties which is applicable to you and us.

Acceptance of these Terms of Use means that you warrant that:

  1. You have rightly read and understood these Terms of Use,
  2. You will cite all the information and/or ideas which you can use from the ordered text materials in proper way,
  3. You will use the text materials only as examples for research, reference, and/or for the purpose to learn how to properly write a text material in a particular citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.),
  4. You agree that our website acquires payments for the time and effort that goes into gathering, organizing, correcting, editing, posting, and delivering these reference materials and the maintenance, administration, and advertising of our website,
  5. You will not reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the text materials and/or contents of our website without having our previous written consent,
  6. You will destroy all the text materials which are prepared by our writers right after your use of the material is complete. Remember that you have no right to make any copies for distribution, or use any parts of any text material without proper citation,
  7. You will not put your name on the text materials you receive from our writers,
  8. You will give us all only true and valid information when we ask about it and in any form.

On the other hand, we warrant that:

  1. we have enough intellectual property rights and grant you with the right to use text materials as specified in these Terms of Use,
  2. the prepared text materials will have less than 10% of the plagiarism level (excluding bibliographical references and cliched phrases),
  3. we will follow all the reasonable instructions and requirements to the text material you gave us,
  4. we will conduct the reasonably necessary research to prepare the ordered text material,
  5. we do our best to make our website available for you at all times. Nevertheless, we will not be liable if, for any reason, the site will be unavailable for some period of time. Access to this site may be suspended at any time without prior notice being given.

Intellectual Property Rights

We prepare absolutely unique text material in order to carry out your order in a very proper way. You pay only for the preparation of the text, but not for the intellectual property rights on this text.

As follows, we are the only owner of the text material and all the intellectual property rights to the text material belong to us.

We try to make all our text materials of the highest quality. As follows, we do our best to ensure that these texts are free of plagiarism and do not infringe any copyrights possible. You can be sure that these texts do not violate any rights of any third parties.

In order to authorize you for legal usage of the text material, we grant you with the limited right to use the unique text material. This limited right to use unique text material shall remain in force and be valid within six month since the initiation of the payment of your order.

In any case, all the intellectual property rights shall belong to us.

We do our best to combat plagiarism with all the reasonable efforts. As follows, we may cancel any agreement, contract or arrangement with any person who condones or make any attempts to upload plagiarized text as original when ordering editing or proofreading services.

We do not condone, encourage, or knowingly participate in plagiarism or any other acts of academic fraud or dishonesty.

We find that acceptable level of plagiarism is to be lower than 10%. If it is higher, you have all the rights to apply for revision or refund.

Bibliographical references (in-text referencing and bibliography page at the end of the text materials) and cliched phrases (idioms, standard phrases, connectors and other frequently used phrases) are not considered to be plagiarism and shall not be included in the plagiarism level calculation.

We do not keep the text materials prepared in any kind of databases. We may publish any text material as a content or as a sample essay. We do this in order to protect the work of our writers in cases when You claim a refund after work has been already completed.

Acceptable Use

As mentioned above, we give you the limited right to use the unique text material prepared by our writers. Below we will tell about the limitations of your rights. You should take these limitations into account for your own safety and security.

  • You can order with us the text material for your personal, noncommercial use only. You may also use it for research and/or reference only.
  • You shall not change the text material you ordered.
  • You shall not cause any possible harm to us with the prepared text material.
  • You shall not give the text material to third parties or distribute it in any way for payment or for any other purposes. You shall not transfer any rights of the prepared text material to any third parties.
  • You shall not put your name on the text materials.
  • You agree that any text materials are provided only as a model, example document for research use, and any text and/or ideas from our document that you refer to, or otherwise use in any way in your own original paper must be properly cited and attributed to our website.
  • You shall not use the provided text materials to pass any online tests possible. Also, online facilities available on this website shall not be used by you for taking any online tests imaginable.
  • You shall not use the provided text materials as legal or other professional advice. You shall consult your professional adviser for legal or other advice.
  • You shall not use the provided text materials to get any grade, mark or any academic achievement.

Referral Program

We proud that you invite third parties to use our services. As follows, we encourage you to get up to 10% of the total sum paid by the Referrals you manage to involve.

Once you start participating in the Referral Program, we may require additional information from you in order to send you your earnings.

You can use your earnings under the Referral Program in two possible ways, either to order more of our services or to withdraw them with PayPal or Webmoney.

To make things more convenient for you, we will not withdraw your earnings under your Referral Program by the time you earn 100 USD or more. Also, a withdrawal may be initiated by contacting Customer Support Representatives within at least 4 days before the beginning of the payment period.

Normally, we can send you your earnings under your Referral Program between the 16th and the 20th day each month. Nevertheless, we may change this term at our own discretion.

You can refuse the Referral Program if you wish to. Moreover, this Referral Program can be canceled immediately in any case. In both cases we may withhold the improperly collected earnings under the Referral Program.

We encourage you not to use spam, web spam, including forums, social website spam or any other illegal means of promoting. All your emails must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and/or any laws or regulations that govern your behavior in your jurisdiction. You shall not post referral discount codes to any coupon websites.

Manner of Communication

We are always pleased to ensure the proper informational intercourse with you. As follows, we will require your email address and your telephone number to provide you with notifications together with promotional materials.

If you accept these Terms of Use, this means that you give your explicit consent to get from us notifications, advertisement and promotional materials.

We retain the right to use any contact information (emails and phone numbers) submitted to the website for the purposes stated in the "Order placement" paragraph of this document. If you would like to opt out of emails and SMS notifications from us, please let us know by contacting us. We will stop sending you the information right after we receive your request.

We retain the right to use your email and telephone number for promotional and marketing purposes, and as a mean to notify you of our special offers and discounts, etc. You must authorize both your email and your phone number. If you choose "VIP Customer Service", notifications will be sent to your mobile device and inform you when the writer starts working on your text material and when it is prepared.

To make things convenient, communication with You shall take place according to the following basic rules:

  1. our advertisement and marketing messages will always comprise the sender's physical address, the sender's information (such as contact telephone number and the website name) and a one-click link to unsubscribe,
  2. our advertisement messages shall always bear the advertising marker,
  3. our advertising emails shall always include the physical address of the sender as well as a one-click link to unsubscribe,
  4. it will be possible to access the information about the sender within at least 30 days from the moment of sending information,
  5. your telephone number can be texted with advertisement messages. There will always be a means to stop receiving such advertisement simply by replying with a text message to the SMS you get from us.
  6. all the subscription requests as well as feedback about our ads shall be considered without unreasonable delay,
  7. no charges shall be made for any complaint, feedback, request to cancel subscription or opt-out reply, nor for processing any other inquiries you may have in this respect.


Although we provide premium quality assistance, it may be necessary to have the delivered product revised in order to ensure that it is in absolute compliance with your required standards. It is possible to request your text material to be revised three times at no cost, provided your revision request follows the basic terms below.

  1. Instructions: The revision instructions you submit must be clear. In other words, they must not contradict the initial guidelines. Should the department responsible for assuring the product quality decide that your original guidelines were followed, your request for revision shall not be executed. In this case, you will need to make a new order for proofreading/editing.
  2. Submission: To send us your revision request, use the "Send for revision" button in your personal account before pressing the approve button for your order. Thus, you are asked to see the preview of the document fully before You approve the order. If you are unable to discern the contents in the preview mode because of any technical problems, ask Customer Support Representatives to provide you with another way to preview the paper. If due to a certain reason you approved the order but still require a revision, you should send your revision instructions to Customer Support Representatives and include a desired feasible time-frame. Otherwise, your order will not be sent for revision.
  3. Deadline: Any of your three revisions can be requested before you click on the “Approve” button for your order. After the order approval, you can have your paper revised only within the next 7 days. In case of orders of 20 pages and above, you have 14 days to ask for your paper approval. Your order shall be considered as delivered to the deadline if its first version was delivered on or before the due time.
  4. The number of revisions: Although each message can include as many revision instructions as you see necessary, we guarantee only three free revisions in case the conditions above have been satisfied.

In case you have used your three free revisions or your instructions do not correspond to the above-mentioned requirements, you will need to place a new editing/proofreading order and mention the changes that you want to be made in your document.

You have 14 days for revised text approval. Once the final version of your order was uploaded to your personal order page, the approval deadline will start counting. After this time, the text material (or a part of the text material) is approved automatically.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantee

You have the limited opportunity to claim the money paid (make a refund). This refund shall be made only to the original payment source. The following rules shall be strictly observed in order for a refund to be successful.

Before the product approval, You may qualify for:

  1. a 100% refund if:
    1. a payment mistake of any kind has been made (for example, identical orders, double payment, etc). This case needs to be reported to us immediately. Please note that getting a 100% refund is only possible if the writer has not been assigned, or
    2. we discover that it is not possible to provide you with a suitable writer. In such a case, you will be contacted, and we shall initiate the refund ourselves, or
    3. You no longer require the delivered material because the deadline has been missed and no order has been delivered to you. In this case, no text material shall be sent to you, and any right You may have gained on the already delivered materials to you in this order shall be canceled.
  2. a 70% refund if:
    1. less than half the deadline has passed since the writer has been assigned. The writer should be compensated because he/she has already started working on your document.
  3. a 50% refund if:
    1. more than half the deadline has passed since the writer has been assigned to your document, or
    2. no writer is available for your revision.

Once a refund is initiated, no property or intellectual property rights shall be granted to you on the delivered document. Any property rights or intellectual property rights granted to You shall be revoked in case a refund is initiated.

If you send your order for a revision, it means that You generally approve of the document, apart from the required minor adjustments. In case your text material is sent for a revision, no full 100% refund shall be possible.

Please be aware that no refund option is available in the cases mentioned below:

  1. credited money,
  2. assignments with Multiple Choice Questions,
  3. VAT,
  4. extras including TOP Writer, Abstract, Plagiarism report, and VIP customer service, Sources Used, Table of Contents, or discounts,
  5. if your initial instructions being met, if Quality Assurance Department finds so,
  6. if the requirements of these Terms of Use have not been met,
  7. if the “Approve” button has already been clicked on.

Quality Evaluation Procedure

We guarantee compensation for any unpleasant experience due to certain unforeseen circumstances.

A procedure has been worked out, which will assist you in asserting your rights and also expressing any issues to a qualified Manager.

Quality Evaluation is a negotiation process that takes place between You and a Customer Experience Manager to initiate a possible refund or a compensation of any kind for any unpleasant experience. You are highly advised to start the Quality Evaluation process with our Customer Experience Manager instead of a payment system representative in order to get quick quality assistance.

Quality Evaluation is applicable only in the following cases:

  1. the order has been sent, but you have been disappointed with the quality;
  2. upon detection of plagiarism after the order approval in case You are able to officially prove instances of plagiarism from a reliable service that detects plagiarism.

In order to get the Quality Evaluation status for your order, You shall:

  1. let Customer Support Representatives know about the issue you are experiencing
  2. see an automatically sent message and confirm the beginning of the Quality Evaluation procedure with your Manager,
  3. give solid proof that backs your compensation claim (such as a plagiarism report or any evidence of possible incompetence of the writer).

In case all the requirement of this document are met, a Quality Evaluation resolution will be available for You within the period of 14 days. You are given another 14 days to reach an agreement with the Manager, failing which the Quality Evaluation process will be closed automatically, thus canceling the possibility of any future refund.

To avoid the Quality Evaluation procedure and get a high quality product timely, You are encouraged to follow these simple pieces of advice:

  1. Your payment needs to be authorized in time to avoid any possible delays,
  2. upload an outline of the needed material making a payment for the order to ensure complete understanding between You and your writer,
  3. use the option “Preferred Writer” at all times,
  4. check notifications and messages from Customer Support Representatives and writers every day (unless your order is urgent) or every hour (if it is an urgent order) and reply timely to any comments
  5. be accurate while making comments about revision. The writer is ready to adjust your text material accordingly if you give a clear explanation of what needs to be adjusted.

Note that Quality Evaluation shall be annulled without any possibility of a further refund in case You fail to provide the required information for the procedure within 14 days.

Liability Limitation

We strive to ascertain our and your responsibility in a transparent way in order to minimize risks both for you and us. For this, we shall apply the following regulations to the persons legally obligated for any violation.

Our officers, employees, directors, agents, shareholders, affiliates representatives, advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies, subsidiaries, any third-party providers or information sources or legal and data advisers and we shall be released and held harmless from all and any losses, claims, damages, rights and actions of any kind which arise as a result of or are associated with the text materials, including:

  1. failures or difficulties of any kind with hardware or software, telephone, electronic equipment, Internet, network, email or computer malfunctions,
  2. garbled, incomplete, failed or delayed data transfer,
  3. any situation caused by forces beyond our control or the ones which can result in delay, disruption or corruption of text material,
  4. any losses, damages or injuries of any sort which arise in connection with or as a result of using our website, and
  5. any typographical mistakes or errors in print in any materials related to our services.

We shall not be legally obligated to You in any of the situations, including but not limited to the situations where:

  1. You do not remember of understand the delivered text material,
  2. You do not achieve the required result using the delivered text material,
  3. You misuse the delivered text material,
  4. You suffer any undesirable consequences as a result of using the delivered text material.

Additionally, you give your consent to protect, reimburse, and hold our affiliates and us harmless from any demand, claim or suit, including but not limited to attorney's fees, that a third party makes because of or which arises out of your use of these services, your abuse or breach of this agreement, your abuse of any third party rights, or any other action or omission You make.

In no case shall we be legally obligated for any incidental, punitive, consequential or special, direct or indirect harm which arises as a result of, or is connected in any way with your use of this site, or with any information this site provides.

We are not legally responsible for any harm which arises in contract, wrongful act or otherwise from improper use of, or inability to use this website or any material that it contains, or from any decision or action taken as a result of using this site.

Our Website provides links to other web resources, which means that it is possible for You to leave this Website and visit the linked web resource directly. We do not assume responsibility for any content or link on the linked sites. Nor do we take responsibility for any possible transmission from any linked resource.

Neither any of our partners and/or affiliates nor we shall be legally obligated for any inappropriate, unethical, illegal, or any misuse of the text materials material delivered from our service. This also refers to lawsuits, plagiarism, positions or remunerations loss, suspension, failure, or any kind of legal or disciplinary actions. The responsibility for all and any legal or disciplinary actions arising from unethical, improper, and/or illegal use of the product falls on You.

We shall not be legally obligated for any technical delays or issues in the material delivery, which results from any kind of failure of any ISP or mail server.

No certain grade is guaranteed by us, and no refund can be asked by You in case of poor assessment.

Final Provisions

The given agreement creates a full understanding between us and You. Neither participant of this agreement shall trust any oral or written information if these Terms of Use does not explicitly refer to it.

Failure to enforce any part of this agreement by either participant shall not waiver the right to enforce such or any other provision in the future as regards the provisions these Terms of Use contain.

The period of one day shall be established for notices and reports under this Agreement to be considered from the moment of posting the report or notice.

No part of this agreement shall create any form of employer-employee relationship, partnership, or joint venture between us and You. Neither agreement participant shall be given permission to act as an agent for one another, nor shall either participant enter into any contract or agreement on behalf of one another as an agent or a representative.

No part in this agreement shall commence any third parties obligations and neither third party gains any rights which arise from this document.

All communications between the parties should be done in English. Any means of communication shall be used for messages, requests, inquires, consents and/or applications.

Should any provision of this agreement be seen as impossible to enforce by any authority, this provision shall be altered, written or interpreted in a different way so as to have as much of its scope and nature which will make it enforceable.

The purpose of titles above the provisions of this agreement is only to ease the comprehension of this document. The meaning and content of terms written under a certain title does not necessarily equal to the content and meaning of the title. Such titles shall be disregarded in the interpretation of this agreement.

All the relations which these Terms of Use cover shall be managed exclusively by the UK law.

Changes, amendments or modifications can be made to this agreement without any notices and warnings at our sole discretion

This agreement is concluded in the electronic form, and it shall have the same legal force as if it were signed in ink.

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